past lectures

Inaugural lecture: 22 October 1997 Telling Stories The Rt Hon Lord Habgood (Archbishop of York 1983 – 1995)

6 October 1998 The Bible for the Post-Modern World The Very Revd Dr N Tom Wright (Dean of Lichfield, subsequently Bishop of Durham)

24 November 1999 Towards a Theology of Communication The Rt Revd James Jones (Bishop of Liverpool 1998 – 2013)

6 November 2000 Cry for Wisdom Prof David F Ford (Regius Professor of Divinity Cambridge University 1991 – 2015)

3 December 2001 Living by Faith The Most Revd & Rt Hon George Carey (Archbishop of Canterbury 1991 – 2002)

31 October 2002 Power and the Archbishop The Rt Revd Prof Stephen Sykes (Bishop of Ely 1990 – 1999, Principal of St John's, Durham 1999 – 2006)

22 October 2003 The Bible and Shapes of the Church to Come The Rt Revd Dr Michael Nazir-Ali (Bishop of Rochester 1994 – 2009)

7 October 2004 Christ the Kingdom and the City The Most Revd and Rt Hon David Hope (Archbishop of York 1995 – 2005)

3 November 2005 The Bible and the search for Identity in Contemporary Culture Dr Elaine Storkey (Senior Research Fellow at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, 2003 – 2007)

5 December 2006 The Way of Blessedness The Most Revd and Rt Hon John Sentamu (Archbishop of York since 2005)

14 November 2007 Whose Service is Prefect Freedom The Hon Sir Mark Hedley (High Court Judge 2002 – 2013)

1 October 2008 Faiths in the City The Most Revd Vincent Nichols (Archbishop of Birmingham 2000 – 2009, Archbishop of Westminster since 2009)

30 September 2009 Seeing Salvation: Proclaiming the Gospel Afresh for the 21st Century The Rt Revd Dr Steven Croft (Bishop of Sheffield 2009 – 2016, Bishop of Oxford since 2016)

24 November 2010 The Love and Limits of Liturgy The Revd John Bell (Iona Community)

23 November 2011 The Word and the words, how does God speak Dr Jane Williams (theology lecturer)

9 October 2102 The Plain Meaning of Scripture Canon Angela Tilby (Continuing Ministerial Development Advisor and broadcaster)

16 October 2013 What’s Wrong with Poverty? The Revd Dr Samuel Wells (vicar of St Martin-in-the-Fields, London since 2012) video of the lecture

12 November 2014 The book of Life: the Bible as a means of grace The Very Reverend Dr Pete Wilcox (Dean of Liverpool since 2012) text of the lecture video of the lecture

18 November 2015 The heartbeats of ecumenism: blood, sweat and tears The Rt Revd Paul Bayes (Bishop of Liverpool since 2014) text of the lecture video of the lecture

25 October 2016 Though we are Many: the Ministry of the Whole People of God The Rt Revd Rachel Treweek (Bishop of Gloucester since 2015) text of the lecture video of the lecture

25 October 2017 C. S. Lewis for Today: Making Sense of Faith and Culture The Revd Professor Alister McGrath (University of Oxford) video of the lecture

17 October 2018 Finding the Old Way Forward The Revd Frances Young (Emeritus Professor of Theology at the University of Birmingham) video of the lecture

17 October 2019 Christ, Cosmos, Creation and How They Hang Together The Revd Prof David Wilkinson (Principal of St John’s College Durham)

2020 - no lecture

28 October 2021 Speaking Christian: toward a post-secular apologetics Professor Elaine Graham (Canon Theologian of Chester Cathedral) text of the lecture

22 November 2022 Opening the Scriptures The Most Revd and Rt Hon Stephen Cottrell (Archbishop of York) text of the lecture